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Prof. Aharon Geva Kleinberger
Full Profesor
Eshkol Tower, Floor : 15 Room: 1515
Reception Hours: by appointment only
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Internal No.: 3393
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  • Intrest Field: Semitic Languages and Arabic Dialectology.

I am a full professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Haifa. I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Erlangen in Germany with a specialization in Semitic Philology, Islam and Assyriology.
In my research, I focus on contemporary study of Arabic dialects, as well as contemporary Jewish-Arab dialects. Another area of my research is the study of Semitic languages. I have done fieldwork in various places in Israel and around the world. My favorite field is etymology. My research is not merely linguistic. It is multidisciplinary and focuses on various fields: botany, geology, history, cartography, folklore and more.
I teach undergraduate linguistics courses as “Introduction to Arabic Linguistics” and “Introduction to Semitic Linguistics” as well as teaching an E-Learn course “The Languages of the World”. From time to time I also conduct undergraduate seminars in Arabic Dialectology and Semitic languages. At the master's level, I teach courses on Palestinian Dialects, Linguistic Cartography, Etymology, Obsolete Words, and Comparative Semitic languages (Maltese and Arabic, Modern South Arabian languages, Arabic and Western Aramaic in Syria, etc.).
My research areas are: Arabic dialectology, Palestinian dialects, history of the study of Palestinian dialects, contemporary Arab-Jewish dialects, linguistic atlases and cartography, etymology, obsolete words, comparative Semitic linguistics, the Maltese language, fieldwork tools, Arabic in Mediterranean islands, Arabic language curricula, and world languages.

The following is a selected list of my publications:
Peter Behnstedt and Aharon Geva Kleinberger, Atlas of the Arabic Dialects of Galilee (Israel) with Some Data for Adjacent Areas. Leiden: Brill, 2019, (452 pp). [Handbook of Oriental Studies, Section one: The Near and Middle East, Volume 135].

Edited Books:
Aharon Geva Kleinberger (ed.) Palestinian Arabic and its Folkloric Lingual Heritage (in Arabic). Nazareth: The Arabic Language Academy, 16/03/2020. 392 pp. + XXVIII pp.

1. Aharon Geva Kleinberger. “Archeological dialectology: Reconstructing the etymological derivation of the various lexemes denoting the obsolete farm- implement ‘threshing-board’ in Palestinian dialects.” Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (ZDMG) 168, 1 (2018): 125-134.

2. Fruma Zachs and Aharon Geva Kleinberger. “On the way to obsolescence: Children ‘s nursery songs from the Galilean village of Naḥf”. Mediterranean Language Review (MLR) 25 (2018): 7-20.

3. Haifaa Majadly and Aharon Geva Kleinberger. “Arabic Grammar Curricula for Primary Schools in Middle Eastern Countries: A Comparative Study”. Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society (JEMMS: ISSN: 2041-6938 and ISSN: 2041-6946 [Online])). Vol. 12, Issue no. 2 (Autumn 2020): 1-29.

4. Aharon Geva Kleinberger. “A rural Palestinian folk-custom for weather forecasting and its Aramaic-Levantine etymological root.” Mediterranean Language Review (MLR, Ausgabe 20, September 2020): 131-142.