Department of Arabic Language & Literature

University of Haifa

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Dr. Mas`ud Hamdan
Senior Lecturer
Room: 1008 Eshkol Tower
Reception Hours: Sun. 15:00-16:00

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Internal No.: 2530

Modern Arabic Literature, Arabic Protest Theater, Israeli Protest Theater, Palestinian Cinema, Cultural Studies, Poetics. 

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Curriculum vitae

I am a senior lecturer in two departments: Arabic Language and Literature & Theater. My Ph.D. from 1998 was entitled Artistic Genre as an Intuitive Perception of Reality and Aesthetic Reflection of Culture: Israel and the Arab World in the Mirror of Grotesque and Satiric Protest Theatres (supervised by Prof. Reuven Snir and Prof. Avi Oz, University of Haifa).
In the Department of Arabic Langrage and Literature I teach courses on Arabic literature and the new poetics, the theatrical and musical schools of Ziad and the Rahbani brothers, Palestinian cinematic narrative, the theater of Sa’dalla Wannus, the theater of Hanoch Levin, and satire from Petronius until “The Jews Are Coming.”
My research areas are: Protest theatre in Israel, Lebanon and Syria, Palestinian theatre and cinema, literary theory and poetics, modern Arabic literature, and cultural studies.

The following is a selected list of my publications:
1. Hamdan, Mas'ud. Writing for Truth: Modern Arabic Theorizations and Creations as Critical Culture. Beirut: Dar Al-Farabi, 2017. 385 pp. (in Arabic).
Articles and book chapters:
2. Hamdan, Mas'ud. “Tantalus the Red and Sisyphus the White: Manifestations of Power and Truth in - The Second- to-the-Last Speech of the Red Indian to the White Man.” Al-Majalla. Vol. 4 (2013): 7-34. (in Arabic).
3. Hamdan, Mas'ud. “The Artist as Daemon: “Tonio Kröger” and the Urge for Creativity.” International Journal of Language and Linguistics. Vol. 4, No. 4 (December 2017): 101-111.
4. Hamdan, Mas'ud. “Syrian Critical Films in the Late Eighties: A Border, a Tap, and One another Small Revenge in the Realm of the Serio-Comical.” JOAS. Vol. 27 (2018): 52-64.
5. Hamdan, Mas'ud. “Fathers, Sons and the Holy Land: Palestine and Palestinians in Wedding in Galilee and Chronicle of Disappearance.” JOAS. Vol. 28 (2019): 16pp.
6. Hamdan, Mas'ud. “The Scares of the One Who Had Returned Home: Chronicle of Disappearance by Elia Suleiman.” In Childhood Memory and Forgetfulness: Revisiting Odysseus Scar, Pardes. Ed. By Vered Lev Kenaan and Noga Weiss: 203 – 213. (in Hebrew).